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The One Piece 950 chapter discussion! The beast pirates attempts to suppress the Strawhats and their allies have had somewhat mixed results so far. With this uproar there will be even less attention paid to the prison. More so when Big Mom arrives at their destination. Besides, the more enemies they take down now and the more allies they gather at this point which they seem to be doing rather well the fewer annoyances they have to deal with later. If Zoro deals with Orochi's self-proclaimed bodyguard and dog then that is one less problem to deal with. The ninja's will be a challenge, but I am certain that between everything that is happening that there will be plenty of support to bring them down. That leave the Flying Six and the All-Stars as well as Kaido as the major threats we know about. The former groups will likely focus on protecting Orochi while the later move on Kaido's orders. I'm pretty sure Oda did not include Chopper for no reason in this prison-break. It's time for Chopper to shine! He was very pissed this chapter, I wonder how he'll act next chapter, and if he can just cure it very easily, or we are getting some drama. My best guess is there are some antidotes in the prison that Chopper is going to analyze and produce some more, or something. The chapter felt really short, as if barely anything happened, but it was definitely badass, and awesome. Luffy casually "hugs" all people and gives a great speech to convince them. Luffy casually twisting the trunk of the elephant-guy was really badass. "I saw a slightly dangerous future" It's always awesome to see his futuresight against these minions. Also 8 days remaining until the attack. So 1 week has already passed almost. Things will be chill now in the prison, time to see Big Mom's and Kaido's reunion, and see what's going to happen in the capital. Pretty sure there are some other things going on on the island that I do not remember, but whatever for now. I am not sure whether the fight will just keep going for a long while now, or soon it will come to an end to have a break in the fighting, and we are going to move into Act III since it'll have 5 acts probably.

One Piece Manga 949 Spoiler Pics & Summaries

In order to stop Luffy and the others, the guards start shooting the Plague rounds made from viruses.
Their target is not Luffy and his group, but all the prisoners.
If you got hit you’ll get a infectious disease and feel burning pain until you die.
It’s a weapon created by Queen, its name is Zombie.
The guards command the infected prisoners to get close to Luffy’s group, they use them like biochemical weapon.

The prisoners protest in pain: We wouldn’t be like this if you outsiders didn’t appear, it’s impossible for you guys can’t take down Kaidou, get out!
Upon hearing this, Luffy touches them and yell: this kind of thing have no effect at all!
He continues: I promised Otama that I’ll save this country, to let everyone eat to their hearts content, we are here to defeat Kaidou! There’s no reason for us to get stopped by our comrades, you guys decide whether you want to follow Kaidou or follow us!
The prisoners were all moved by Luffy’s speech.
Babanuki saw that this is not going well for them and decided to take advantage of them talking and hurl a large amount of Plague rounds at them.
But it was put to a stop immediately by Luffy, who said because he saw a dangerous future.
Then he turns to the prisoners: now, it’s up to you guys!
8 days till the final battle—successfully dominated Udon without being noticed by the enemy headquarter.